Commercial IAQ Assessment Checklist

Step 1: Gather Information

Questions to ask:

  1. What type of problems are there?
  2. When did they first occur?
  3. What do you think the problem is?
  4. Are people experiencing any symptoms?
  5. Do symptoms improve when leaving the building?
  6. Are symptoms more prevalent at certain locations in the building?
  7. Are symptoms more prevalent at certain times of the day, days of the week, or after certain activities?
  8. Any reported doctors visits?
  9. Have there been documented air quality issues in the past?
  10. Have any other assessments been done in the building?
  11. Do you anticipate any legal action?
  12. Any recent renovations or new furnishings?
  13. Any construction in the area?
  14. How old is the building?
  15. Is there any known or suspected asbestos or lead in the building?  Is there a management plan?
  16. How is the building heated and cooled?
  17. Is it a constant volume or variable air volume system?
  18. Where is the HVAC system located?
  19. How is the building ventilated?
  20. How old is the HVAC system?
  21. What type of filtration is used in the HVAC system?
  22. How often are filters changed? On what basis, timing or pressure drop?
  23. Is the return air ducted or does it use a plenum?
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