Preventative Maintenance

This page describes preventative maintenance steps that are critical to facility managers. Preventative maintenance is a series of routines, procedures and steps that are taken in order to identify and resolve potential problems before they happen.

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Outdoor Air Intakes

  • Check for airflow obstructions
  • Clean intake louvres
  • Clean bird screen
  • Confirm that any automated dampers are working
  • Clean up any debris near intakes
  • Check for any new or previously unknown pollution sources near the intakes
  • Check for stagnant water near intakes
  • Field verify outdoor air flow rates


  • Check the condition of filters in the rack
  • Confirm filters are facing the correct direction
  • Check the written date on the filters to verify adherence to the replacement schedule
  • Check for any air bypassing filters
  • Check pressure drop across filter section and replace dirty filters
  • Look for signs of any biological growth
  • Replace damaged or wet filters
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