Residential IAQ Assessment Checklist

Step 1: Gather Information

Questions to ask:

  1. What type of problems are there?
  2. When did they first occur?
  3. Notice any improvements when leaving the home?
  4. Number of people in the home? Smokers?
  5. Age of occupants and general health? Age of frequent visitors? How often visitors?
  6. Any pets? Visitors have pets? Type?
  7. Any recent renovations and/or improvements? New furniture, carpet or paint?
  8. Any construction in the area?
  9. Any specific building problems? Any leaks?
  10. How old is the home?
  11. What type of foundation do you have? (Crawlspace, basement, slab on grade, etc.)
  12. How old is the HVAC system? What type is it? Where is it located?
  13. When was the last time the filter was changed? How many filters?
  14. How long have you been in the home?
  15. Any other assessments done in your home? Any doctors visits? For what? (Be careful about HIPPA)
  16. Do you anticipate any legal issues involved?
  17. Is there any planned litigation?
  18. Do you have any land and building plans?
  19. What is the normal maintenance of the home, HVAC system and outside area? Do you do it or do you have a service contract?
  20. What do you think the problem is?
  21. Do you notice symptoms more after certain activities?
  22. Do you have a pest control service? If so, how often? When was the last time they sprayed? Do you do it yourself?
  23. If you have a pool, where do you store the chemicals?
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